The Greenfield Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to M.G.L. c.6s.178C - 178P which authorizes law enforcement agencies to release information that will enhance public safety and protection. The individuals who appear on this notification have been convicted of a sex offense that requires his/her registration. These individuals have been designated  LEVEL 2 of 3 SEX OFFENDERS by the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB). The board has determined these individuals are at a high risk to re-offend and the degree of dangerousness posed to the public is such that a substantial public safety interest is served by active community notification.
These individuals have served their sentence imposed upon him/her by the court and are NOT WANTED BY POLICE.

     Law enforcement agencies have no authority to direct where a sex offender lives or works. Unless court order restrictions exist, these offenders are constitutionally free to live wherever he/she chooses. Sex offenders have always lived in our communities: but it was not until the passage of this law (which mandates sex offender registration) that law enforcement could share this information with you. Any abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated and could potentially jeopardize our authority to keep the public informed.


     Sex Offender Registry information shall not be used to commit a crime to engage in illegal discrimination or harassment of an registered offender. Any person who uses information disclosed pursuant to M.G.L. c 6. s 178C-178P for such purposes shall be punished by not more than two and one half (2  1/ 2) years in a house of correction or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1000.00) or both (M.G.L. c 6 s 178N).  In addition, any person who uses registry information to threaten to commit a crime may be punished by a fine of not more that on hundred dollars ($100.00) or by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months. (M.G.L. c 275 s 4).

For more information on the law see the SORB web site at: