Testing on 03/25/2017
     The Greenfield Police Department is governed under MGL Chapter 31 commonly known as the "Massachusetts Civil Service."  As such, any new hires for sworn officers are taken from the active civil service list. 
     Currently, in order to be hired as a full time Greenfield Police Officer you must first be willing to work for us as a civil service part time officer, commonly called a "reserve officer."  In most instances, with few exceptions, all our full time officers come from our reserve officer rank.  
     In order to become a reserve police officer you must take the Massachusetts Civil Service test.  The commonwealth offers the test for a part time police officer once every two years.  

The next test is scheduled 03/25/2017 

 You can find more information about test dates including minimum hiring standards and the application by following this link:  

     We highly suggest that if you are interested in being a police officer for the City of Greenfield that you do not delay taking the above exam as the hiring process is a lengthy one and could take up to several years to complete. 

     Thank you for your interest in becoming a Greenfield Police Officer, if you have any further questions that could not be answered by visiting the above website, please contact Lt. Gordon at 413-773-5411 ext 1313.
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Available Preferences:

     Residency Preference: If residency preference is requested by an appointing authority, candidates who have resided in that municipality for the entire twelve-month period immediately preceding the date of the original written examination (April 25, 2014 through April 25, 2015) are entitled to be placed on the eligible list for that community ahead of any non-residents. Candidates who have had a break in residence or have moved from one community to another within the twelve-month period preceding the date of the examination will not be entitled to claim residency preference in any community. If you believe you are eligible for this preference, you must claim this credit by completing the applicable section of the application.  Please note that residency preference claims are made under the penalties of perjury. Verification of residency will be made by the appointing authority


More information can be found on the HRD website at:

The Greenfield Police Department and the Massachusetts HRD does not recommend or endorse any private school, service, or publisher offering preparation and/or publications for examinations and is not responsible for their advertising claims.
Greenfield Police Department's
Fulltime Police Officer Benefits

$49.768.16 - $60,388.64 per year (paid weekly)
Up to 80% Medical Insurance
Options for Dental, Life and Vision Insurance
4 days on 2 days off work schedule
100% Mandatory Paid Training
Uniform and Gear Allowance
Up to 12% educational incentive
Eleven paid Holidays per year
Fifteen paid Sick Days per year
Twelve Paid Vacation Days increasing to 30 paid Vacation Days throughout your career
Three Paid Personal Days
100% Injured on Duty Pay
Excellent Line-of-duty death benefits
Family and Medical Leave compliant
Many overtime and outside detail opportunities
The City of Greenfield is an Equal Opportunity Employer