Massachusetts Public Records Law allows us 10 business days to respond to records requests. For complex requests, this initial response may be a fee estimate only, with another 10 business days after payment allotted to provide records.

Press Logs & Daily Police Logs:

  • The majority of our calls for service do not generate a written report, but are simply an entry in our logs. 

  • Our daily logs are public information (with legal exemptions). Press Logs, which are a slightly limited version of our police logs, but are rapidly available, typically contain the last 24-72 hours of police logs may be reviewed at GPD twenty fours hours a day,  free of charge.  You can view the press logs  by coming to the station and requesting to view them.  Please allow our staff time to print the logs.

  • Press logs we make immediately available for public review must remain in the station at all times.

  • Full Police Daily Logs, or complex requests for multiple entries are subject to the ten business day work time allotted by Mass. Public Records Law and legal expemptions.


Obtaining a copy of a vehicle crash report:

You can get a free copy of all our accident reports by visiting:

Public Access 

  • Please email records requests to:
    or contact the following (in preferred order):

    Records Clerk:
    Gillian Halkett
    321 High St.
    Greenfield, Ma 01301
    (413) 773-5411 ext: 1321

    Court Records:
    Attorney Jeffrey Bengtson
    321 High St
    Greenfield, Ma 01301
    (413) 773-5411 ext: 1301

    Supervisor of Records:
    William R Gordon
    321 High St
    Greenfield, Ma 01301
    (413) 773-5411 ext 1313

    Records Access Officer:
    Robert H. Haigh Jr.
    Chief of Police
    321 High st.
    Greenfield, Ma 01301
    (413) 773-5411 ext 1304


  • By law, we are allowed 10 business days to respond to your request. Records may not be immediately available.
  • All requests are subject to approval by the Chief of Police
  • GPD complies with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Records Law (M.G.L. c. 4, § 7)
  • Records may be requested in person, via USPS mail, or email (preferred). We are not required by law to fulfill telephone requests.
  • We release records considered public, while applying exemptions allowed by law to protect personal privacy and public safety; therefore your request may be denied or some information may be redacted
    • Exempted material may include, but not be limited to:
    • Cases under investigation
    • Criminal records protected by CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) statute
    • Cases involving juveniles (under age 18)
    • Information indicating the ownership or location of firearms
    • Information regarding an individual's health issues (HIPAA)
    • Confidential witness, victim, or informant data
    • Social Security numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, etc. of involved parties
    • Information which could compromise public safety or effective law enforcement