Detective Directory.

      Support services, critical to assisting the patrol division, is carried out by detectives assigned to the Investigative Division. Personnel assigned to investigations report to the sergeant in charge of the division.

      The work assigned to and/or performed by the Detective division includes: investigation of all department major cases, to include narcotics interdiction and enforcement, sexual assaults, serious crimes against children, robberies, aggravated assault, stabbing incidents, gunshot wounds, deceased persons, forensics, embezzlement cases, computer crimes and identity theft, to name a few. Detectives are always on-call and are ready and capable of responding to investigate these events. In addition, members of the detective division also act as case officers in complex investigations, and coordinate court preparation and communications with the District Attorney's office.

      Because of current manpower issues, the division has been reduced to two detectives and a sergeant, and in many case the detectives respond to calls for service to augment the patrol force. This takes a great deal of time away from their assigned duties and reduces our overall investigative capability. An average detective may have between 5 to 20 cases at a time to investigate. In many cases investigations are conducted with the help of other officers, departments or state and federal investigators.

Detective Sergeant S. Daniel McCarthy:  Sgt McCarthy was assigned as the Detective Bureau Commander on 06-12-2011.  Prior to this McCarthy served as the Watch Commander of the Dayshift and has been a full time police officer for the Greenfield Police Department since 1992.  He was promoted to the rank of Sgt. in 2000.  McCarthy was the K9 handler for K9 Dakota from 1995 to 2001.  McCarthy's duties include investigations, crime scene processing, responding to calls, maintaining the K9 unit, serving warrants and summons, traffic enforcement, community policing activities, booking and fingerprinting prisoners, and testifying in court. During the spring and summer months.  McCarthy is a member of the bicycle unit, which is assigned to the downtown area and he deals with community problems in that area.  McCarthy was also a member of the department’s special response team. McCarthy is also the police liaison to the human rights commission and the board of license commissioners.  McCarthy was promoted to provisional lieutenant in June 2012 to assist the department during the transition between chiefs.  He was returned to his permanent postion of sergeant after the transition was completed.
Sgt. McCarthy's Phone Extension is 1305                      email:

Detective Kevin Rowell:   Detective Rowell has been a full time Greenfield Police Officer since July  1995.    Detective Rowell is the Greenfield Police Department’s primary Narcotics Investigator.  A partial list of duties include working with the public, other officers and agencies in the gathering of narcotics information, applying for both arrest warrants and search warrants, starting narcotics investigation cases, surveillance missions, management of funds to conduct operations, organizing officers locally and from other towns and agencies to assist in investigations. He is responsible for the execution of search warrants, collection of evidence, seizures of assets, arrests and charges involved in narcotics investigations, is responsible for all asset forfeitures such as property and funds, and is responsible for District and Superior court narcotics cases and case closures. Detective Rowell is also the primary Hampshire/Franklin Narcotics/Gang Task Force officer for the Greenfield Police Department.    Detective Rowell was also a member of the Special Response Team (SRT). . Detective Rowell is an active member of the Honor Guard.


Detective K. Rowell's Phone Extension is 1314                  email:


Detective J. Todd Clark:     Detective Clark has been a full time police officer for the Greenfield Police Department since 1994.  Detective Clark holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College.  He is currently assigned to the Detective Bureau where he has worked for the past seven years.  Detective Clark has held the positions of School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, Bike Patrol Officer, a member of the Special Response Team, and is a current member of the Department’s Honor Guard, Department Liaison to the S.A.L.T. and volunteers as a Youth Commissioner in Greenfield.  


Detective Clark's Phone Extension is 1316                               email:


Detective Richard Brook:  Detective Brook was hired as a reserve in July 1998, and hired full-time in January 1999. He attended police academy in August 1999 and graduated on December 31, 1999. From 2004- 2012 he was a member of the Greenfield Police K9 unit with the first ever bloodhound. During his tenure with the canine unit he had two canines the first canine was Badger and the second was Daisy. In 2000, Detective Brook also became a member of the tactical team, and currently he is assigned to be the team leader of the Franklin County Regional Special Response Team. Detective Brook is currently assigned as the School Resource Officer for the Greenfield public school system and is one of the department’s defensive tactics, taser, and firearms instructors.


Detective Brook's Phone Extension:  1411                       email:


Detective Megan Cloutier:    Detective Megan Cloutier began her career in 2008 with GPD.  She was promoted to Detective in November 2015 and is a certified Sexual Assault Investigator, Field Training Officer, and an Instructor in Eyewitness Identification.  She has experience working as a Full Time Police Officer at Montague Police Department in 2010 and 2011.  She obtained a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from Western New England College in 2006, and is a 2002 Graduate from GHS.  Currently, Officer Cloutier is  a certified sexual assault investigator and is currently assigned as a detective.


Detective Cloutier's Phone Extension is 1315                email:


Detective Christopher Greene:   Detective Greene has been a Greenfield Police Officer since  2000 and a police officer since 1993. He was assigned as the Student Resource Officer starting September 2008. He has served in the roll of Field Training Officer for the past 12 years. This includes training new officers to the department in all facets and responsibilities of patrol duties, including traffic enforcement, investigations of all crimes, patrol procedures, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, community policing, and all other related duties. He has previously served in the capacity of Domestic Violence Intervention Project Liaison for the department.  He spent several years as the departments court officer.  Currently, he is assigned as a detective.

Detective Greene's Phone Extension is 1418        email: