Greenfield Police

Teams up with....

Mental health continues to grow as a concern for so many reasons.  Historically agencies across the country, and perhaps the world, have struggled while trying to keep this ever growing problem under control and while doing so, many individuals who suffer from mental health disorders have had to undergo the pains of the criminal justice system.  Is this the correct response to individuals who suffer from mental health disorders?  We think not.  At least not in many cases.

Officers from the Greenfield, Deerfield and Montague Police Departments have teamed up with Clinical and Support Options and together we have initiated a program we call "Co-Response."  In this model a highly qualified Mental Health Clinician (or Clinicians) will be teamed up with a member of these agencies, on a daily basis, to help combat problems associated with the current and historical trends.  

Together we hope to re-direct many of those we come in contact with to proper resources rather than jail if at all possible.  We hope to further extinguish the stigma associated with Mental Health and hopefully we can transfer individual cases to qualified individuals and/or agencies who are properly trained to handle them.  

In addition to the Co-Response program, these agencies, over the past few years, have ensured that the vast majority, if not all, of their Officers have attended and completed CIT training or Crisis Intervention Team training therefore even when acting alone we stand a better chance to create a better outcome when dealing with those suffering from mental health disorders.

If you'd like to contact our Co-Response please call the Police Department's main number at (413)773-5411 ext. 1417.